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Monitoramento remoto de energia IoT para Smart Grid

A IoT (Internet of Things) é perfeitamente adequada para o lançamento da rede inteligente, graças aos requisitos de longo alcance e ao pequeno tamanho de dados necessários para a transmissão. Usando RF de banda estreita, o padrão para comunicação de

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Why is LEM’s Rogowski Coil better than a Transformer?

  Distribution Overhead Line Monitoring with LEM’s ART Rogowski coil New line current sensors allow utilities to monitor their overhead distribution lines to maximize their capacity and prevent clearance violations thus improving reliability and efficiency of the MV Distribution Grid.

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Why do current transducers go digital?

LEM pioneers current sensing and develops digital output transducers with a sigma-delta bit stream interface (Subtitle) By: Pascal Maeder (Global Product Manager, Drives/Welding) Sources: David Jobling (ASIC Development Group Manager) Stéphane Rollier (Product & Marcom Manager) Mathieu Béguin (Marketing Engineer)

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ABSTRACT :   New technologies allow photo-voltaic (PV) inverters to switch at ever higher frequencies and consequently they are becoming much smaller and lighter. International competition and the move away from subsidies for new installations mean that there is strong

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